Harry Glinberg: Jewelry for celebrities in the USA

Harry Glinberg Jewelry

Harry Glinberg is a recognised jewelry designer in The United States. Glinberg’s creations have earned the admiration of famous customers like Justin Bieber and Larry Sanders. His creativity and high-quality in his products is his best presentation.

Glinberg design special and luxury pieces for his clients and he has anecdotes about the custom pieces he designs, mainly for sports stars. He is a jeweler from southeastern Wisconsin and he established his own business in 1998: Harry Glinberg Jewelers, whose has grown upon the strength of its traditions and its commitment to excellence.

Harry Glinberg Jewelers has been consolidated as one of the businesses about diamond pieces exclusively for each artist or athlete.

Harry Glinberg: The most famous clients

Maybe, Justin Bieber is the most famous in this list. Glinberg made “Jacob Watch” for the canadian singer, along with a pair of custom hoop earrings and a “Pharaoh” diamond necklace. In addition, Bieber DJ and dancers bought some watches and a custom Air Jordan diamond necklace.

Justin Bieber is famous by wearing the latest in fashion. He prefers brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Gucci, Tom Ford, for example. And his style, inspire several times brands of “fast fashion” like H&M and Zara.

Other of his clients are New York Giants players to the Golden State Warriors, television presenters, showman, etc. This jeweler has earned the love and confidence for his detailed and timely work.

This jewelry did not have branches. You need visit the store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and you will receive personalized attention according to your tastes. You can buy rings, pendants, earrings, chains, bracelets and watches from catalog or exclusive designs.

If you want wear one of these beatuful pieces, maybe you could call or send an email to jewelry store and schedule an appointment for more details and prizes.

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